‘Trump must really take his long hair and leave our people the hell alone’ – SA farmers.

South African farmers have demanded Donald Trump “leave us the hell alone” after the US president criticised the country’s land reform plans, accusing him of trying to deflect attention from his own scandals.
“The people were furious about Trump – and I think they still are,” said Preline Swart, a 37-year-old farmer from the Western Cape.
“He’s an outsider and he knows nothing about farming,” she said on the sidelines of a summit of farmers, officials and industry players in Bela Bela, Limpopo.
“I think Donald Trump must really take his long hair… and leave our people the hell alone,” added Swart.
Trump’s Wednesday tweet, posted on the eve of the “Land Solution” gathering, touched on the overwhelmingly white ownership of farmland – one of the country’s most sensitive post-apartheid issues.
“I have asked Secretary of State… (Mike) Pompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers,” tweeted Trump to his 54 million followers.
His tweet apparently followed a segment on conservative Fox News about the government’s plan to change the Constitution to speed up expropriation of land without compensation to redress racial imbalances in land ownership.
“‘South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers’,” said Trump’s post, which tagged the show’s host, Tucker Carlson, as well as the channel.

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