Wilayatul Faqih (Authority of the Jurist) – Part 1

Part 1:

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei gives a brief introductory talk on the issue of State and Religion according to Islam, and the issue of Wilayatul Faqih (Authority of the Jurist) within this context.

Firstly, Sheikh takes a brief glance at ruling systems throughout history and ancient times, highlighting the prevalence of theocracy, or the non-separation of ‘state and religion), throughout the ages. Sheikh Mansour explains that in fact secularism (the separation of state and religion) is a new phenomenon, and not theocracy.

Finally, Sheikh touches on the nature of state and religion within Islam, by glancing at the words and roles of the Holy Prophet (s) and his successors, the Imams of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s).

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