Mahuva Youths – A Test for others

In the name of Allah (s.w.t)
Mahuva Youths – A Test for others 
We relate to you their account in truth. They were indeed youths who had faith in their Lord, and We had enhanced them in guidance, and fortified their hearts, when they stood up and said, ‘Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. We will never invoke any god besides Him, for then we shall certainly have said an atrocious lie. 
The Youths of Mahuva have stood up against corrupt values prevailing in our Mosques and Hussainiyahs which should have been centres for establishing Maroof (Righteous Values) and prohibition of evil but today the same mosques are preaching us to follow the Taghoot. These youths have taken a brave step of Moqawamat (Perseverance) against the illicit elements of society who have taken the reigns of society in their hands just for the sake of making a Taghoot drive the honoured and dignified Shia community. It is no joke to be firm on Hunger strike for ten days continuously.
It is the call of hour when these Youths have demonstrated this perseverance, what should be done? They are on hunger strike and this is the maximum resistance they can demonstrate, so now it is time for those who are outside to come out and render their support and deliver their duty. As a bare minimum we who are sitting outside should do is to reach Mahuva and express their support to these youths and talk to the opposition. We should spread this brave hearted act through the media. Groups by Groups should reach Mahuva with full media attention. We should run electronic campaigns on Facebook, Emails and SMS. We should do road campaigns in mosques and other religious places, processions and gatherings by distributing pamphlets. Paint the wall of Mahuva with the colour of the efforts of these youths.
Pursue the Ulama to come out on street to support these youths. Approach all our Khoja Jamaat Mosques and World Federation to take actions. They have delivered their role by remaining on a hunger striker for ten days but if we do not bring fruits to their success we will be accountable and answerable. Why are the Shia’s of Ali, Azadar’s of Hussain silent? Is this what Azadari has taught us to just make sympathetic calls to these youths so that we can fulfils our duties? Are we not required to be present on ground? Is the Character of Lady Zainab (s.a) just limited to listening to her sermon and praising the speakers who talk about her character? Or we have to come out to deliver this character ourselves? What have we learnt by visiting the graves of Martyrs? Is this the teaching of the Sayyadus Shohada (a.s) that when some youths come out to stand against a Taghoot we become pragmatic to find reasons and excuses for taking a back seat? Is our revolutionary thoughts and spirit of sacrificing everything in the name of Hussain (a.s) provoking us to remain silent and just be sympathetic like the People of Kufa? Revolution is on ground and not in drawing rooms only to just sit and watch revolutionary doctrines.
It is time to prove ourselves by delivering our duty because we all believe that the mission of Karbala would not have been accomplished without the character of Lady Zainab (s.a) and Imam Sajjad (a.s). Under such situation when few youths have happily embraced calamities we have to come out to develop momentum in their efforts. If even one of this youth loses his life in this resistance the stains of this blood will be on all of us and we will not at all be in a position to answer the Almighty about this. There are only two paths; the path of Hussain or the Path of Zainab; and these youths have taken the former path and now we have to get on the Path of Zainab (s.a). So let us come out and deliver our duties; Allah is with those who struggle.

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