Launching of Maarifa Radio 105.3 FM – Tanga

Launching of Maarifa Radio 105.3 FM – Tanga


  1. Shabbir Kermalli says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum !

    Masha’Allah – Great progress.

    Congratulations to Alitrah Foundation and the entire team including all the Presenters and Volunteers. Radio Maarifa is another achievement and we pray for its success.

    Your excellent programs both, TV (IBN) and Radio (Maarifa) are prepared professionally and aimed to meet requirements of all viewers across the Globe. There are educative, exciting, informative, spiritually uplifting and the list goes on…………..Shukran.

    We pray to Allah to grant the team with all bounties, strength, wisdom, zeal and good health – Insha’Aallah.

    • admin says:

      Dear Br. Shabbir, Thank you very much for your excellent feedback of the work on IBNTV & Maarifa Radio
      We need your prayers to move on with the work as we have lot of challenges ahead. Please send the link to your subscribers.

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