Lecture – Communication – 25 Dec 2011 / 29 Muharram 1433

“Gujrati Majlis: Maalim Mehboob Somji – 20th of Shuhada e Kerbala – Topic: Communication”


  1. Hiridjee Raza Aly says:

    MashaAllah , this majlis in gujrati was very interesting , we like to listen majlis in gujrati

    Gujrati being our language, there is a say of Ayatullah Sistani,that please communicate

    With your children to maintain your culture.Mny thanks to you and to Sheik Mehboob Somji.

    Thank you .

    • admin says:

      Thank you Mr Hiridjee Raza Aly for your positive comments, we have passed over your salaams to Mehboob bhai and in return he is also sending his salaams to you and your family. Kindly let us know from which country have you accessed the majlis? Also if possible pass over the link to other community members to benefit.

      IBNTV Admin

  2. zehera says:

    I listened to this majlis and enjoyed very much. Only one thing I would like to draw your attention to the fact that when Gum(Tragedy of Kerbala) is being recited every Zakir removes his cap.

  3. kanisefatma Gulamali says:

    shukria, majlis parwaraney aney majliss felawa wara ne panr shukria. Hun panr gujrati man majliss parawun tsun, mane biji panr majlis brother Maalim Mehboob somjini mari shaké to tamaro abaar

    • admin says:

      Salaamun ‘alaykum, Khuda tamone wadhare taufiq ape aameen, Mehboob bhai ni biji koi pern majliso record thayeli nathi, hawe pachi thi amo badhi amni majliso record karshu.

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