Al-Shabaab says it has killed British ‘spy’ in Somalia.

The Islamist terror group al-Shabaab has said it has killed five people including a Briton whom it accused of spying.
Three of the men publicly shot dead in al-Shabaab-controlled territory in Somalia were accused of spying for the US government and one for Somali authorities.
The fifth is thought to have been Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, 32, a terrorism suspect who gave British authorities the slip in 2013 by cutting off his electronic tag, putting on a burqa and walking out of a west London mosque.
The al-Qaida-linked group routinely shoots people accused of being spies, though often these are simply fighters caught on the wrong side of factional disputes.
Foreign fighters are particularly vulnerable to the charge. One was Omar Hammami, an American from Alabama known as the rapping jihadist, who was killed in 2013.
In December last year, five men were tied to poles and shot, accused of spying for the Kenyan and Ethiopian governments.
Al-Shabaab, one of the world’s deadliest terrorist organisations, used to control swathes of Somali territory including the capital, Mogadishu, but was pushed back into rural areas in 2011. The group wants to topple the western-backed government and peacekeeping force, and impose sharia law in Africa’s easternmost country.

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