Jose Mourinho: Paul Pogba is not bigger than Manchester United, but our working relationship is good.

Jose Mourinho has warned Paul Pogba that no player is bigger than Manchester United and that anyone who thinks they are will be brought firmly into line.
Mourinho’s blunt ultimatum comes as he tries to reassert his faltering authority over parts of a dressing room that have become increasingly weary of the manager’s ways.
Mourinho insisted his training-ground spat with Pogba in front of the television cameras this week was nothing compared to some of the bust-ups that occur behind closed doors and, insisting their relationship was professional, he said the midfielder would start against West Ham today.
But Mourinho also left Pogba in no doubt that the club comes first and that he will not tolerate any player getting ideas above their station following his decision to strip the Frenchman of captaincy duties after he told the manager he wanted to leave Old Trafford amid a desire to join Barcelona.
“Manchester United is bigger than anyone and I have to defend that,” Mourinho said. “He [Pogba] is a player like the others. No player is bigger than the club and if I’m happy with his work he plays, if I’m not happy he doesn’t play.”

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