Ambulance driver suspended from work on minister’s orders over khat.

Simiyu.The Minister for Health Ms Ummy Mwalimu has directed the Tarime District Council Director, Mr Elias Ntiruhungwa, to suspend the driver of the ambulance that was seized on Wednesday for carrying khat including officials, who were in the ambulance.
The Minister gave the order on Thursday at the launch of a project known as ‘’Tuwatumie’’ at the grounds of the Itilima District Council in Simiyu Region.
‘’I have been saddened by the information about the ambulance that was seized for carrying illegal drugs. It is deeply saddening to learn that vehicles are now being changed into another use while patients are facing transport difficulties and even others are dying,’’ said Ms Mwalimu.
She also directed regional and district medical officers -in- Charge in the country to introduce a good procedure that would even make patients have a relief of reaching health centers quickly.
She said the government had been making efforts of bringing health services closer to its citizens, but she added, there were some people wanting to hamper development activities.
The Minister said she does not want to see ambulance being used for other activities other than patients and that such vehicle, she said, were supposed to be the relevant health centers.
Earlier, Italima MP Njalu Daudi said that the ambulance received in the district would not be used for other purpose use as it was the case by other districts.
Source:The Citizen 12 /07/2018

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