Task Force Set To Probe Sale Of Muslim Properties Countrywide.

The task force formed to probe the sale or hiring of properties belonged to Muslim institutions said yesterday that it would stand firm against any corruption attempt when undertaking the assignment.
The eight-member team gave the assurance as one month has already passed since it was introduced by Chief Sheikh Abubakar Zuberi upon advice by President John Magufuli.

The taskforce was given 90 days to carry out countrywide investigations following widely reported scandals over properties fraudulently hired or sold off to investors.

Addressing the Idd-el-Fitr Baraza held at national level in Dar es Salaam in July, President Magufuli promised to offer legal support to Muslim and Christian institutions countrywide to recover their properties.

President Magufuli said he was aware of many complaints from Muslim institutions over their properties, particularly lands, being grabbed by investors through deceptive contracts entered with their clerics.

“We assure you that nothing will shake us in anyway,” Deputy Chairman of the task force, Sheikh Issa Othman Issa, affirmed during a press conference in Dar es Salaam.

Sheikh Issa assured Muslims that the task force was free and independent — working without any influences from a person or an organ. He further noted that to achieve its objectives, the team is closely working with experts and several government organs.

He noted this when responding to a journalist who shared a rumour that had circulated on the social media that there was a rich man, who had bought Muslim properties, who now intends to spend over 400m/- to bribe them so that they could spare him.

Sheikh Issa said although they were not aware of such reports on the social media, they would remain honest since the Mufti has trusted them.

The task force is now set to travel to upcountry regions to gather information over the properties belonging to the National Muslim Council, BAKWATA, which were hired or sold off through shady contracts.

He appealed to individuals to offer them useful information on properties allegedly hired or sold to investors fraudulently.

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