Structure celebrates Eiffel’s anniversary

Eiffel Tower

A structure of unusual composition modeled after Paris’ monumental tourist-magnet Eiffel Tower has been made as means of celebrating the landmark’s anniversary.

Sitting on the Champ de Mars, the public park looking towards the Eiffel Tower, marks the original monument’s 125th anniversary.

The 13-metre red tower made of 324 chairs has elicited appreciative responses from tourists.

“It is interesting because it is placed in front of the real one so it makes (a) contrast I think. Together, they make some kind of unit,” tourist Anders from Sweden said.

The model structure has been manufactured by the company Fermob that specializes in garden furniture.

Fermob CEO, Bernard Reybier, said, “I am convinced that Gustave Eiffel, who said ‘iron is the material of ideas’, to show the infinite creative potential of this material, would have been pleased with this nod to him. He would be happy that 125 years later, his tower, which was so widely criticized, was accepted in the Parisian landscape, as a landmark of French identity.”

The structure also marks the birth of the company’s “Bistro” chair.

Work on the tower’s foundations started on 28 January 1887. The main structural work was completed at the end of March 1889.

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