Exoskeleton gives humans superpowers


A French-made wearable robot provides users with the ability to handle heavy objects, lightening their weight 20 times.

The exoskeleton, named Hercule, is a cobot or collaborative robot, which averts the risk of injury for humans when they handle heavy objects. It has undergone five years of development by the France-based RB3D robotics company.

Serge Grygorowicz, the founder and CEO of RB3D, said, “The origin of the project is to allow a human being to carry weights and make effort without suffering the strain.” “For example, on a construction site, it’s to carry a 60 kilo bag of cement and only feel the weight of 5 kilos.”

The exoskeleton can be operated for four hours in standard mode. It has an ARM Cortex-A8 computer at its heart, which enables real-time movement.

While developing the newest version, experts have paid attention to its being wearable by people of different body sizes. They have designed it so it can be put on in less than one minute.

The robot can be used while the wearer is walking on 10-degree slopes, climbing stairs, and getting into squatting or sitting positions.

There, however, are drawbacks, namely its EUR-30,000 price tag and the need to constantly recharge the batteries.

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