Study: Sunbathing may be addictive


A new research conducted by the researchers at the Harvard Medical School indicates that repeated exposure to sun’s warming rays may have addictive properties.

Study on mice unveiled that spending time basking in the ultraviolet frequencies (UV) led to the production of endorphins in the skin.

The animals were exposed to the midday Florida sunlight for half an hour every day during six weeks.

The experiments revealed that exposure to UV rays led to the production of a protein in the skin called proopiomelanocortin, according to the research report published in the journal Cell.

The protein is broken down into the pigment melanin, which is responsible for appearance of tan color in the skin.

The study claims that beside melanin, pleasure chemicals or endorphins were also produced which affect the body as heroin and morphine do.

“I would say at this stage, with reasonable confidence, that this pathway really does exist and is probably present in everybody,” said one of the researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital Dr David Fisher.

The study was taken jointly by the researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical Schoo

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