Experts developing assisted steering

Crash steering

Experts are developing an assisted steering system, which comes to the drivers’ rescue in the nick of time, when they have even run out of chances to stamp on the brake pedal.

The emergency steer assist (ESA) apparatus, which aids the driver in lateral vehicle guidance, is in development by German supplier TRW Automotive in cooperation with scientists from Dortmund Technical University.

When required, the device would calculate the best vehicle movement trajectory needed to avoid collision. It then enhances the evasive action by supporting a smooth steering action and ensuring that the vehicle remains stable.

The ESA interacts with the electric power steering and driver assistance sensors.

“Emergency Steering Assist is our next step in collision avoidance. For example, if you swerve to avoid an obstacle, the system will calculate the optimal trajectory around it and additional steering torque will be applied to help to follow the trajectory and stabilize the car. The driver remains in control of the vehicle and can override the system at all times. ESA is designed to enhance the driver response by helping the driver to react faster and more accurately,” Carsten Hass of TRW has said.

The system could find its way into production cars by 2018.

TRW has displayed the ESA system on a prototype vehicle at an event at the Hockenheimring.

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