Mobile tax payment approved by TRA

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Property and Personal Income Tax can now be paid via mobile money services or in simpler terms, one can now pay the said taxes via their cell phones, and M-pesa by Vodacom are at the forefront of this revolutionary mobile tax payment system.

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) made the announcement calling the increasingly favoured electronic payment method, safe and efficient, simple and reliable and in that wise the authority has urged Tanzanians to utilise the service, saving themselves travel effort and expenses, eliminate paper work and have instant record of payment.

Senior Taxpayer Service Officer at TRA, Alvera Ndabagoye, made announcement via a press release asserting that this is only one of the alternative ways the authority is seeking to ease the payment of taxes.

“…the service is affordable, fast and secure…” said the TRA officer this despite of various reported cases of mobile transaction thefts which have in general been blamed on client’s carelessness or/and ignorance particularly in keeping private their four digit secret pins.

Vodacom Tanzania representative and Head of M-Commerce, Isaac Nchunda, encourages Tanzanians to use the M-Pesa service calling it, easy and affordable.

“Now clients can pay tax through the easiest way possible…” he asserted “…it saves time and effort…it eliminates the cumbersome and tiring long queues …” said the excited Nchunda who then laid out the procedure to follow when making the payments.

First one must register to the M-Pesa service offered to Vodacom customers only. Once one is registered into the service they should then select 4 on the M-Pesa menu, after which they shall select 3 then 8, the TRA slot.

Once in the slot, they are then to select the type of tax that they wish to pay for and then enter the related reference number of the payment and finally make payments.

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