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Introducing to you  ‘The Endangered Species’ a  book based on the characteristic migratory patterns of the Khojas, hailing from Kutch and Kathiawad, who ventured towards the then unknown continent of Africa during the 19th century and beyond to the West in the past 4 decades.

This book, subtitled An Account of the Journey of Faith by the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Community,
represents a labour of love over almost a decade by a remarkable personality nurtured within the
Khoja Community. Hassan Jaffer has had the good fortune of experiencing much of this transition first
hand, for the past 75 years. He offers answers to some burning questions, while weaving a unique
tapestry of personalities, events and ideas that has shaped the KSI community.

This book is now available in Dar es Salaam with Al-Itrah Foundation c/o Hasnain bhai Tejani
For those who are interested in purchasing this book please contact

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