Karbala – The Complete Picture

On the felicitous occasion for the birth of the Lady Zainab (AS), the team of AL-ITRAH FOUNDATION take this opportunity to launch the book on KARBALA – The Complete Picture – By Dr. Mahmood Datoo of UK.

Lady Zainab (AS) strived through hardship, imprisonment and ordeal to deliver to us the message of Karbala.

To date, we Alhamdulillah have numerous books on Karbala written by, and countless audio lectures on the Internet, given by eminent scholars on this most important subject.

This week we are honoured to share with you an addition to this growing repertoire.

“Karbala – The Complete Picture” is a unique work, written by Dr. Mahmood Datoo. As many of you may know, he has lectured extensively on the subject of Karbala from a historical angle.

This book is different in two aspects:

First, instead of just looking at Karbala in isolation, the book discusses in some detail the events that transpired before, during and after the day of Ashura.

Second, and perhaps most crucially, the book is written in a simple narrative form, in the same infectious style as Dr. Datoo’s previous two books: on our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Mukhtar.

Many times the author finds himself unable to follow a book because it is too verbose or convoluted. If you are like the author, you will love the easy-to-read bullet points, short paragraphs and plain language. While this makes the reading easy, quick and enjoyable, no essential details are omitted.

The book printed by the European Hajj Mission and in Africa it is being distributed by AL-ITRAH FOUNDATION.

It is intended to give a free complimentary copy to each teacher in the Madrasah, School Teachers and Workshop.

For others, the book is priced at nominal cost of  Tshs2000/- only.

All proceeds will go to the General Fund of Al-Itrah Foundation.

The book is available from the bookshop of Al Itrah Foundation.

Wassalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi…

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