This is to inform you to check on Webinar, as there are weekly session with Shaikh Shomali on Qur’an Tasfeer of Surah Luqman (Chapter No.31) with Dr. Shomali, which is being held almost every Tuesday of the week at 9 pm EST (Toronto, New York, Orlando times) and 5 am Dar es salaam time.

The live webinar can be viewed at: www.QuranStudy.com/Live at 9 pm EST.

The webinar will be recorded and available at: http://www.QuranStudy.com/recordings/Tafseer/ within 48 hours of the live transmission.

Dr. Shomali will be conducting the seminar from Qum this Tuesday.  We are grateful to him for his continued support despite his hectic schedule and travels to different parts of the world.

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